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Halcyon Neighborhood Association E-News 10/3/12


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Items appearing in the HNA E-News are deemed to be of general interest to neighbors but do not necessarily reflect the views of Halcyon Neighborhood Association (HNA), its Steering Committee, or the Editor. The EditorÕs introductory comments express her personal viewpoint.

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1. Halcyon Halloween: Fourth Annual KidsÕ Costume Parade Around the Park, Wednesday 10/31, 5:45 p.m.

2. HNAÕs Big Berkeley Project Work Party in the Park, Saturday 11/3, 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

3. Proclamation from the City Council Honoring HNAÕs 20th Anniversary

4. September Crime-Watch Report

5. Link to a Blog Featuring Halcyon Commons

6. Whole Foods Market News: e-Cycle Drive Sat. 10/13 & Halloween Costume Parade 10/31

7. Online Voter Registration

8. Berkeley Election Information

9. Hosts Needed for Post-Holiday Progressive Potluck, Sunday, January 27, 2013

10. First Sunday Streets (Shattuck Ave.), Sunday 10/14, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

11. Upcoming Events at the Jewish Community Center of the East Bay


EditorÕs Introductory Note:


What a great celebration of the 20th anniversary of HNA last month! Thanks to everyone who helped: HNA Co-Chair John Steere, our MC; Bruce Wicinas, who took care of setting up the Bouncy Castle; Alyson Greenlee, who jumped on the Groupon coupon that got us the castle at a good price; Rob Lyons and his talented jazz band Compared to What, which provided the great music; Jim Hallock at Whole Foods Market for arranging the donation of the delicious cake (every bite of which was happily consumed!) and the Middle Eastern appetizers (also all happily consumed) plus recycled paper products and lemonade; Kriss Worthington, councilmember extraordinaire, who presented us with a City proclamation honoring HNA (see item 3); Susan Hunter, HNA Treasurer, who helps with care of the park; Mary Stoker, Michelle Thelen-Steere, Susan Hunter, and Jay Migliaccio, who helped with setup and/or cleanup; Shael Barger, Michelle and John, and Tory Finn, who made reminder calls; and everyone on the Flyer Distribution Team, who helped spread the word by distributing flyers, including  Stephen Pitcher (who designed the flyer), Jay, Tory, and Mark Foy, and all our distributors (plus anyone IÕve forgotten who helped in some other way!). It was a wonderful event, good vibe, and nice weather. And the kids seemed to enjoy the Bouncy Castle! HereÕs to the next twenty years in our one-of-a-kind neighborhood!


I hope to see some more of our neighborhood kids out for our Fourth Annual Halcyon Halloween on October 31st!


Yours for a healthy, strong, safe community!

—Nancy Carleton, HNA Co-Chair and E-News Editor,



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1. Halcyon Halloween: Fourth Annual KidsÕ Costume Parade Around the Park, Weds. 10/31, 5:45 p.m.


EditorÕs note: Wheeler Street neighbor Susan Snyder submitted the following announcement. LetÕs keep moving toward a kid-friendly Halcyon Halloween! Bring your kids to the annual Halloween Parade around the park prior to trick-or-treating (or come provide an audience). Put out some pumpkins and answer the door on Halloween (or leave lights out if you donÕt want to participate; though ordinarily we ask that neighbors leave their porch lights on for neighborhood-watch purposes, Halloween is the exception).


Halloween Parade at Halcyon Commons, 10/31


Join together with all the neighborhoods ghosts, goblins, witches, dinosaurs, dogs, and heroes to start off Halloween with our annual parade around Halcyon Commons! We'll start to gather at 5:45 p.m., with the parade beginning at 6 p.m. Come and join the parade and then trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Questions? Contact Susan at


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2. HNAÕs Big Berkeley Project Work Party in the Park, Saturday, November 3, 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.


BIG Work Party in Halcyon Commons & Surrounds

Saturday, November 3, 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. (rain or shine!)

Meet at Halcyon Commons (Halcyon Court at Prince Street)

Delicious refreshments (& water) courtesy of Whole Foods Market

Fresh coffee courtesy of Mokka Cafe (Telegraph at Dowling)


Chat with neighbors & UC student volunteers from CalÕs Berkeley Project while we weed, mulch, pick up trash, and remove graffiti in the park and surrounding neighborhood. Please bring weeding and trimming tools (with labels) if you have them (extra tools will be available if you donÕt). LetÕs get our precious common space ready for the winter months!


Note: If thereÕs a public area in the larger neighborhood where youÕd especially like to see trash picked up or graffiti removed, please consider volunteering for an hour to lead a student crew out to clean it up!


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3. Proclamation from the City Council Honoring HNAÕs 20th Anniversary


City of Berkeley Proclamation



WHEREAS, in 1992, the desire to create a park in what was then a parking lot led to the birth of Halcyon Neighborhood Association (HNA) and the birth of a new identity for the Halcyon neighborhood; and


WHEREAS, a core group of neighborhood leaders -- Nancy Carleton, Susan Hunter, Michael Lamb, John Steere, and Bruce Wicinas -- formed a Steering Committee to give birth to HNA; and


WHEREAS, under the continuing leadership of HNA Co-Chairs John Steere and Nancy Carleton, subsequent Steering Committee members have played an important role in keeping HNA vital and active for 20 years; and


WHEREAS, HNA has consistently practiced a nonpartisan approach to neighborhood organizing that has encouraged participation from hundreds of neighbors across BerkeleyÕs political spectrum, making possible exemplary community building, disaster preparedness, crime watch, greening, and information-sharing efforts, including the often-emulated HNA E-News; and


WHEREAS, HNA and Halcyon Commons have thus served as models for other neighborhood and greening efforts in the City of Berkeley through positively organized community collaboration and partnership,


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Berkeley City Council gratefully acknowledges Halcyon Neighborhood Association and the neighbors who created and have sustained it through the years, for their extraordinary service on behalf of building community and improving quality of life in this South Berkeley neighborhood.


[Passed by a unanimous vote of the Berkeley City Council and signed by all councilmembers and the mayor, based on an item from Councilmember Kriss WorthingtonÕs office, September 2012.]


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4. September Crime-Watch Report


EditorÕs note: A reminder to join the HNA Facebook group at!/group.php?gid=292160762499 for breaking crime reports in between E-News editions. If youÕre a neighbor who isnÕt yet part of this closed Facebook group, youÕre missing out! Remember, we rely on neighbors to fill in the details of crimes in our neighborhood, so, in addition to being sure to file a Police report, please email to pass the word on to your neighbors, or share it on our Facebook page, so we can all stay aware and vigilant!


HNA Steering Committee member Mikel Delgado submitted the following summary of crimes in or near the neighborhood. Thank you, Mikel!


8/24 residential burglary Wheeler @ Prince

8/25 vehicle break-in Ashby @ Fulton

9/2 residential burglary Deakin @ Wheeler

9/4 vehicle break-in Deakin @ Prince

9/7 vehicle break-in Emerson @ Shattuck

9/7 vehicle break-in Shattuck @ Woolsey

9/9 vehicle break-in Woolsey @ Shattuck

9/18 vehicle break-in Prince @ Deakin

[Added note from Mikel: Note also there have been a lot of ŌtheftsĶ just outside the neighborhood (I canÕt tell if they are from individuals or from commercial businesses) up closer to College, as well as plenty of car break-ins.]


A Woolsey/Wheeler neighbor reported to our HNA Facebook group:


ŌJust wanted to let everyone know that sometime in the last six days [dated September 29] someone took some stuff from our backyard: a rake, a wide broom, and the pedals off my bike. The gardening tools were not new and the pedals were at least twenty years old, and were on a dirty, chained-up bike. This tells me that someone out there is very desperate and will take absolutely anything that they could get a couple bucks for. I would have NEVER thought these items were in danger of being stolen.Ķ [Another neighbor chimed in: ŌStuff has disappeared from our yard, too.Ķ]


A neighbor reported to our HNA Facebook group:


ŌFYI, yesterday [September 29] at Telegraph and Prince I was verbally accosted by an angry homeless man who felt threatening to me. I saw him go up to Whole Foods and stalk around the parking lot, and I called the police, who sent a car but couldnÕt find him. HeÕs late 40s/early 50s, African-American, was wearing navy from head to toe (heavy coat, beanie), 5' 10" - 6', medium- to heavy-set. I havenÕt seen him in the neighborhood before. Keep your eyes open.Ķ [The neighbor later added:] ŌI just let Whole Foods know. They said a couple of days ago there were complaints about an aggressive panhandler who became verbally abusive and threatening if people refused. I think itÕs likely the same guy. HavenÕt seen him since Saturday.Ķ


In discussing this topic, other neighbors added:


ŌFriday 9/28 a fellow on a bicycle was fencing stolen property to a couple of other guys by the corner of Shattuck and Emerson near Smokey J. ÔPstt, you wanna buy a ring . . . ?ÕĶ


ŌWe've also been accosted by the verbally abusive (mentally ill?) man. He chased our car about four months ago at Telegraph and Prince. We also called the police, but he was already gone.Ķ


A Prince Street neighbor reported:


ŌWeÕre on Prince below Deakin. At 6 p.m. tonight [September 17], we were having dinner when the doorbell rang. I saw, through the security door, that it was a young white male with short, straight, dark hair that may have been black. Since he was carrying a petition and we were eating, I ignored him. He waited a brief while, then went down the steps, which are on the side of the house, and walked a few feet to stand on the sidewalk looking up at our windows. I thought that was a little odd, but no big deal. He then crossed the street to the house catty-corner to us. I figured he'd go up the steps to talk to our neighbors about his petition. Instead, he stood on the sidewalk and leaned forward a moment, trying to peer through a gap in the corner of their curtains. Then he walked on toward Shattuck. Just a heads up.Ķ


Another neighbor weighed in on the same thread:


ŌI let my dogs out in the back this morning -- and my gate was open -- I never leave it open -- and my dogs were ballistic last night barking about 1 a.m. -- I didnÕt think much about it until seeing the open gate and reading this -- definitely makes sense that someone is casing, and I will let my dogs bark indoors as long as they want at night now because it was probably their sound that scared the person off.Ķ


A Prince Street neighbor reported to our HNA Facebook group:


ŌJust discovered our cars were Ôbroken intoÕ last night [posted September 8]. Nothing was taken as there was nothing of value in them but stuff was strewn about everywhere. No damage to the cars since weÕve been leaving them unlocked without stuff in them for about a year knowing that cars get broken into around here all the time. Still not fun to have happen. Reported to Berkeley police today too. We are installing a video camera at our home. I am hoping that helps.Ķ


Another Prince Street neighbor reported:


ŌItÕs time for our 15 minutes of fame. Our car was broken into Tuesday night [Sept. 4] on Prince near Deakin. The passenger rear vent window was smashed to gain entry and the contents of the glove compartment strewn on the front seat. Some change was missing, but nothing else was taken (nothing of value is kept in the car). We reported it to the police when we noticed it Wednesday afternoon.Ķ


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5. Link to a Blog Featuring Halcyon Commons


EditorÕs note: HNA Co-Chair John Steere pointed out the following link to a blog featuring Halcyon Commons (with short text and a few photos covering the history, including before and after pictures).


* * * * * * * * * * *

6. Whole Foods Market News: e-Cycle Drive Sat. 10/13 & Halloween Costume Parade 10/31


EditorÕs note: News from Whole Foods Market courtesy of Jim Hallock.


Drop-In Progress Meetings

(usually on the first Wednesday of each month)

8:30-9:00 a.m.

Whole Foods Market (check in at Customer Service)


Here are our events for October. I know the neighbors take great interest in the e-Cycle drive, taking place this month on the 13th, and we always have fun on Halloween!


E-Cycle Drive

Saturday, October 13

10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Bring your computers, monitors, TVs, and all electronic recycling to our convenient e-Cycle Drive. Just drive in and drop off. Please see our flyers for what we can recycle. There is a $5 charge for screens and TVs. All proceeds from the drive will be donated to Berkeley High SchoolÕs Green Academy, dedicated to sustainable living education.


Halloween Costume Parade & Photo Op

Wednesday, October 31

3-6:30 p.m.

All ghouls and goblins are invited to our annual Halloween Costume Parade! This year we have a special treat -- a photographer who will take a flip book photo of you in costume. Flip books are printed and given to you on the spot. WeÕll have a parade through the store, prizes for best costume, kid-friendly music, and plenty of free treats. Get your Halloween evening started off right with this afternoon of fun!


Jim Hallock

Community Relations Team Leader

Whole Foods Market Berkeley

3000 Telegraph Ave.

Berkeley, CA 94705


P: 510-649-1333 ext. 260

F: 510-649-1474


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7. Online Voter Registration


EditorÕs note: If youÕre new here, welcome to the neighborhood! Have you registered to vote at your current address? You have until October 22 to register for the November 6 election, and itÕs now easy to do online.


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8. Berkeley Election Information


EditorÕs note: HNA is a nonpartisan neighborhood group, and we only take positions on citywide or development issues if there is an overwhelming degree of neighborhood consensus (well into the 90 percent and up category, which happens rarely). Though we donÕt take positions are issues where thereÕs a clear divergence of opinions among neighbors, we do encourage neighbors to become informed and make your individual points of view known to decision makers. One of the best ways you can do this is by voting. And for this fallÕs election, for the first time there will be ranked-choice voting for the mayoral race in addition to council races (two years ago we experienced the first ranked-choice election for council races). So you can cast your vote for the candidate who most closely matches your vision without worrying about throwing the race to someone you donÕt support (you get to rank your top three choices). For more information on local issues, here are some useful links. Happy voting!


EditorÕs note: And if youÕre not sure which Council district youÕll be voting in, check out this new feature.


The City Clerk Department is pleased to announce the addition of a City Council District Lookup tool to the City of BerkeleyÕs website. Developed in partnership with the Information Technology Department, this exciting new feature allows residents and interested individuals to look up their Council district by inputting a City of Berkeley street address. The Lookup tool returns the Council district number for the submitted address and also provides a hyperlink to the CouncilmemberÕs main webpage for that district.

The Council District Lookup tool can be accessed from the City Council homepage, the Election Information homepage, the City ClerkÕs homepage, and directly at the following link:


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9. Hosts Needed for Post-Holiday Progressive Potluck, Sunday, January 27, 2013


EditorÕs note: HNA Potluck organizer and Steering Committee member Tory Finn sent the following announcement. (And please be sure to mark your calendars for this fun annual event!)


Dear neighbors:


Our January Post-Holiday ŌProgressive PotluckĶ is one of my favorite neighborhood events; thereÕs always a great turnout, and itÕs a great way to meet our neighbors and enjoy the community we so value in Halcyon.


If you havenÕt hosted before or if youÕve enjoyed hosting in the past, please consider being a host for one course in January. We need a total of THREE or possibly FOUR hosts (Appetizers, Salad, and Main Course need hosts; dessert is traditionally at John and MichelleÕs house unless someone else would really like to do it). Hosts usually provide paper plates, cups, napkins, etc., but other people can help with those resources if needed. If you are willing to host, I will assign your course based on the routing that makes most sense; we usually start further west and move eastward to end up at Webster/Halcyon. (Please note that our city councilmembers and members of our Police Department are always on our invitation list and may show up at your home if youÕre one of the hosts.)


Please contact me if you are interested in hosting one of the courses on January 27 — even if youÕre not sure whether you can or if you want more info. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you all in 2013!


Tory Finn


* * * * * * * * * * * *

10. First Sunday Streets (Shattuck Ave.), Sunday 10/14, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.


EditorÕs note: Forwarded from Councilmember Max AndersonÕs office.


The first Sunday Streets Berkeley is on October 14 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Shattuck Avenue will be closed to cars from Rose Street to Haste Street -- seventeen blocks! By getting people out of cars, in the street, and interacting with their community in a new way, Sunday Streets promotes public health, environmental sustainability, and local business.


The City of Berkeley is a co-sponsor of this event along with Livable Berkeley, the Ecology Center, the East Bay Bicycle Coalition, the Downtown Berkeley Association, and the North Shattuck Association. It's a brand new event for Berkeley -- it's different than a street fair because there are no vendors. ItÕs about turning the street into a public space, allowing people to walk, bike, skate, dance, and play in the open streets. Block by block there will be music and activities and local businesses on the route are encouraged to open their doors and participate.


Automobile traffic will be blocked at Rose and Haste traveling north to south on Shattuck Avenue. Cedar Street and University Avenue will be open to automobile traffic east to west. Parking garages will be open, but I encourage you to walk or bike to Shattuck Avenue or take BART to downtown. The event details and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) are all included on the website, as well as information on how to volunteer.


Please feel free to contact with questions.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

11. Upcoming Events at the Jewish Community Center of the East Bay


EditorÕs note: IÕm rarely able to include items of general interest in the E-News because itÕs already time-consuming getting each edition out, and thereÕs an infinite universe of possible events in the Berkeley/Oakland area, but when a neighbor is directly involved (as in this case), I do my best to accommodate an occasional item. Please note that in 2013 IÕll be making this kind of item even rarer (to preserve my sanity and energy); if youÕve got interesting events to share with your neighbors, please join our Facebook group at, and you can do it directly!


From neighbor Leah Greenblat:

ŌI think I emailed previously that the Jewish Community Center of the East Bay opened a branch close to us (itÕs across the street from Alta Bates on Telegraph, near Clars Auction House). Below are two upcoming events that may be of interest to our neighbors. Please include these program announcements in our upcoming Halcyon Neighborhood E-News. For more information about these programs or to learn more about other JCC programs here's the website:Ķ

Balancing on the Mechitza: Transgender in Jewish Community

Date: Thursday, November 1, 2012

Time: 7:30 - 9:00 p.m.

Location: JCC East Bay, Oakland Branch, 5811 Racine Street, Oakland, CA 94609


A reading and conversation with editor Noach Dzmura and contributing essayists. How can transgender people live Jewish lives when many of their significant life choices might be considered Ôun-kosherÕ? How do transgender Jews navigate gendered Jewish rituals? Balancing on the Mechitza, winner of a Lambda Literary Award, is an anthology by scholars, activists and others, both transgender and non-transgender allies, who share their interpretations of classical Jewish texts, as well as their stories of Jewish prayer, ritual and social life.

Co-sponsored by Building Jewish Bridges and Lehrhaus Judaica.


Divine Vintage: Wine Tasting & Conversation

Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Location: JCC East Bay, Oakland Branch, 5811 Racine Street, Oakland, CA 94609


From Shiraz to Chardonnay, wine has been an essential part of the Jewish and Christian religious experience for millennia. These early traditions continue to influence todayÕs wine connoisseurs offering a fascinating history and an assortment of varieties to discover. In Divine Vintage, wine expert Joel Butler teams up with biblical historian Randall Heskett for a remarkable adventure that explores the drinking habits of biblical figures 3,500 to 2,000 years ago.


* * * * * * * * * * * *